Who am I ?

I used to say I’m multi-skilled, as in my personal projets as in my professional background. My heart inclines between webdesign and coding. I persuaded that one cannot go without the other. It’s better to know the technicals limits to do the best design and vice versa.

I have a Master Degree in engineering in Arts & Computer Science which teach me versatility, adaptability, independance, synthetic thinking and an overview on many programation languages. Due to this, I have a global vision on the various jobs related to my work environment.

Over my professional background, I realised that, even Internet is a virtual world, the user wellness is essential. That’s why I am committed to user experience. Make a convenient user browsing is my core ethos.

Therefore, I self-trained on accessibility, usability, ux (user experience) and ui (user interface). I am convinced that web makers have to ask user at each step of a projet to have a performing website.

I am very independant which doesn’t stop me to like team work. I like to found myself a solution to an issue before asking others. I like to learn from others as I like to teach to others. Years ago, I have set up watch workshops with my team mates, convinced that our job requieres continuous training. I have also trained beginner people to HTML/CSS basis in order to be more independent in their daily work.


About me